ACMI is Hiring!

ACMI is looking for a new:

In our increasing efforts to serve our migrant community across Singapore, ACMI is looking for the following:

  • Skills Development, Senior Executive Officer
  • General Admin Executive
  • PR Creative Producer
  • Pastoral & Formation Executive

The position grade and salary will meet the experience and skills of the selected applicants.

Interested individuals who meet the requirements and wish to be part of the ACMI family, can write to Esther Chia at

Deadline for applications: 16 August 2021


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A Beautiful Response of Love

A community of different faiths come together to do small things out of love   Ms. Jennifer Yeo was having a conversation with a senior doctor of NUS when this opportunity came to her. Hearing that the senior doctor, representing NUHS for the Multiministeral Taskforce, was in charge of 90,000 migrant workers from various dorms. Ms. Yeo’s heart of compassion wanted to do something for the workers.   items in the care packs Migrant workers who were in quarantine, out of quarantine or battling COVID-19 needed items that could keep themselves and their dormitory clean like hand sanitizers, wet wipes…

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The Challenges Of Transnational Families and Foreign Spouses
Photo by Nate Neelson on Unsplash

The Challenges Of Transnational Families and Foreign Spouses

Increased physical isolation, to control the spread of COVID-19 have left Foreign Spouses and Transnational Families in very challenging situations. These groups whom we have been tirelessly ministering to, have seen existing challenges amplified during the Circuit Breaker period. Challenges Faced By The Families These existing challenges faced are wide ranging and multi-faceted, mainly, conflicts and breakdowns in relationships, differing child care methods and extended family conflicts. Many of these issues were exacerbated when the circuit breaker occurred. With COVID-19, some clients were unable to go to work or were laid off from their jobs. Some faced financial difficulties and…

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A Catholic who never forgot his interactions with the Migrant Workers
Christopher (far right in black) delivering donated items of hand sanitizers, mask and cleaning agents to the dormitory. Photo: Barang For Your Buck.

A Catholic who never forgot his interactions with the Migrant Workers

When the Circuit Breaker began, the migrant brothers whom Christopher Boey, 30, a Catholic had encountered through his social enterprise - Barang for your Buck (BFYB), was on the top of his mind. BYFB  is a social enterprise that supports migrant workers with low-cost shopping options. “With the number of cases on a rise, I felt the need to do something for them and I could not stop thinking about them.” said Christopher. Prior to COVID-19, Christopher together with vendors, who would register to be part of his flea market events, brought the shopping experience to the migrant workers where…

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Possible or Impossible?

Jan Recounts her Experience with Migrant Construction Workers in Singapore. After reading this part of the Pope’s message. The thought immediately came to mind. What does “logic of the world” mean?  After reading up on it, I came across an explanation: “There are things in this world which are absolute truths. And there are things in this world that are absolutely impossible. Logic only allows you to deal with true or false values. And therefore, allows you to deal with things that are absolute truths and absolute impossibilities.”  Possible of Impossible? So I asked myself: “Possible or impossible?”  Is it possible to love the migrants? …

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I Found My Place Of Belonging

Theresa Shares About Her Journey In Singapore And How She Came To Find Her Place Of Belonging.  I first came to Singapore in 1982 for my studies. I came alone, not knowing anyone from here. Coming from a big family, I was the eldest of ten. My family was close-knit and my parents always taught us to look out for one another. Thus, from a close-knit family, it was natural that I sought out a place of belonging in Singapore. Seeking Out Friends and A Place Of Belonging. To make more friends, I joined several singing and choral groups. These…

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Moved To Pray For Others
Ignatius, second from right; spending time with migrant workers at the Bread Basket Programme with parishioners from St Mary of the Angels.

Moved To Pray For Others

Ignatius Shares About The Power of Prayer. I’m always moved by the suffering of others.  I always try to put myself in the other persons shoes and try to understand their pain and sorrow.  I too have gone through some periods of pain in my life. During such periods, others have stopped, listened and loved.  Moved with Compassion. So why was I moved to feel for them?  While the reason for suffering is different, I think the feeling that the other feels is often the same.  That longing for peace, understanding and compassion.  The desire to be understood by the other person and to be loved. …

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Be a Befriender today!

Have we stopped for a moment to remember the people and events in our lives that we are thankful for? Have we counted the blessings that we have received from God and others today? Take a moment, ponder, remember. Even through the difficulties and troubles in life, there is so much we can be grateful for. For the roof over our heads, love and warmth of family and friends or even the skills we have. As we remember the blessings we have, can we share that with others? We don't have to do great things, we can bless others through…

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AbBA: Abundant and Better Life Abroad

A 4-part values formation series organised by the Archdiocesan Commission for Migrants and Itinerants (ACMI) and Couples for Christ (CFC) for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) to discover their true self-worth, and hopefully lead to personal development and better work performance. Session 1:  Valuing Self | My True Treasure Session 2:  Valuing Self | Living a Life of Honour and Dignity Session 3:  Valuing Family | We Are Family Session 4:  Valuing Work and Others | Abundant and Better Life Abroad *All sessions conducted in English Time: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Venue: Agape Village, 7A Lor 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore…

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