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Newly Launched: Helpline for Migrants in their Native Languages

ACMI and UGAT Foundation (UGAT), a non-profit organisation that provides counselling and educational programmes to the marginalised today announced a collaboration that will give migrant workers access to UGAT’s counselling facilities and mental wellness programs in their native languages.

“The pandemic has wrought havoc not only physically but also in peoples’ minds and hearts. People who have called in and messaged in on our crisis line indicated elevated anxiety where worries led to depression and confusion to helplessness. Fortunately, with technology, we were still able to address these gaps in human contact and support many through virtual online sessions,” said Fr. Nilo E. Tanalega, SJ, UGAT Foundation.

“Mental wellness is a big issue these days and with the pandemic, migrants have really felt the depth of hopelessness and despair many more folds. As foreigners, there are language and cultural barriers and that makes it even more challenging for them. By providing counselling and helpline services in different languages, it helps to bridge this gap and seek early intervention,” said Jacob Soo, Executive Director.

In response to the growing need for psycho-emotional support, UGAT and ACMI partnered to offer free online counselling for migrants in Singapore. Together, they developed “SGot Kita, Kabayan!” a designated free helpline for individuals and migrant workers residing in Singapore. Additionally, free online counselling services will also be offered to couples and families. These services will initially be offered to Filipinos in Singapore and later to migrant workers from Myanmar, Vietnam, China, and India in their native languages at different phases. The areas of mental health and wellness that will be covered include:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Resilience
• Dealing with Grief and Loss
• Self-Awareness
• Stress Management
• Emotional Intelligence & Social Intelligence
• Relationship Management
• Adulting

The service will be made available from 31 October 2021, 9pm. The helpline service is open on Monday – Sunday, 9pm – 12am. Free counselling services may be accessed by migrants in Singapore

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