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Learning The Art of Negotiation

“We partake in the act of negotiation daily – it is a life skill.” said Mark Goh founder of Vanilla Law.

“Even my son did it with my wife and I when he was trying to get out off the hook for not doing too well on a test in secondary school.” he quipped.

Some members of the ACMI team went through a trial, train the trainer workshop on negotiation. The online workshop was a first for ACMI. In collaboration with Vanilla Law who provided the content and expertise, the workshop was held online on Zoom. A small group of professionals and friends from the Japanese community also joined in.

Online workshop together!

The workshop included types, approaches and techniques to negotiation. It also included a breakout where participants got the chance to role play real life cases of negotiation.

Most of the participants found the role plays to be especially helpful as they got to put to practice the skills that they had acquired from the workshop.

ACMI hopes to bring this workshop to more participants in future. We hope that more may learn the art of negotiation, have value creating and open communication with members of their community, employers and bosses. So that the focus of discussion is always on solving the problem rather than claiming right and wrong.

We thank Vanilla Law for the trial, train the trainer workshop and we certainly hope to continue this collaboration in future.

Posing for a shot at the end of the workshop!

Stayed tuned and look out for the official launch of the Negotiation workshop!

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