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It’s Not Just About Migrants: It Is About Putting The Last In First Place

Day 5/10 – The Logic Of The World

“Whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all” (Mark 10:43-44)


Jesus Christ asks us not to yield to the logic of the world, which justifies injustice to others for my own gain or that of my group.
“Me first, and then the others!”
Instead, the true motto of the Christian is, “The last shall be first!”
An individualistic spirit is fertile soil for the growth of that kind of indifference towards our neighbours which leads to viewing them in purely economic terms, to a lack of concern for their humanity, and ultimately to feelings of fear and cynicism.
Are these not the attitudes we often adopt towards the poor, the marginalised and the ‘least’ of society? And how many of these ‘least’ do we have in our societies!
Among them are migrants, with their burden of hardship and suffering, as they seek daily, often in desperation, a place to live in peace and dignity”.
In the logic of the Gospel, the last come first, and we must put ourselves at their service.

Read Pope Francis’s Migrant Sunday Message here


  1. How have I consciously put the interest and welfare of others before my own?
  2. In recognising the logic of this world, what small steps am I willing to take in becoming part of the solution instead of remaining part of the problem?


O God, strength and friend of the forsaken, we praise you in Jesus who bore the burden of our sins with a forgiving heart.
Teach us to desire the last place, and to enlarge my heart to make room for others.
Give us the grace to realise that we were once outsiders in God’s family, but now adopted children of the most high.
We ask this in Jesus’s name. Amen.


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