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It’s Not Just About Migrants: It Is About The Whole Person About All People

Day 6/10 – What is the full life?

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)


In Jesus’ words, we encounter the very heart of his mission: to see that all receive the gift of life in its fullness, according to the will of the Father.


In all that we do, we must always put the person at the center, including the spiritual dimension.

Consequently, “development cannot be restricted to economic growth alone. To be authentic, it must be well-rounded; it must foster the development of each man and of the whole man” (Saint Paul VI, Populorum Progressio, 14).


But how? Here are 5 ways you can consider:


  • Empower people with the confidence and freedom to make a change for their lives
  • Help each other have peaceful and fair relationships with one another
  • Guide those with resources (land, money, etc.) to use it in a sustainable way so access to resources may last for future generations
  • Share with others your knowledge and skills. Support them and encourage them to learn and to pass it on to others.
  • Tell others about your faith.


We must help one another achieve this fullness of life! Why not start now?


Read Pope Francis’s Migrant Sunday Message here


  1. What does “full life” mean to me?
  2. How do I help the other person reach his/her full potential and live a full life?
  3. Does my work foster the development of each person and the whole person?


God, you call us to full life.


In your love, you have given us gifts and talents to serve the common good. Help us to use them generously and lovingly.


Free us from the desire to serve only our own interest, and help us to grow in the spirit of love that makes us sisters and brothers.


We ask through Jesus, who died and set us free. Amen.



Your reflection and sharing can be a source of healing and inspiration to others.

We will be compiling your responses and sharing it on our website and social media from 29 September 2019. Thank you for your sharing!


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