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Is Money The Only Way To Help A Person?

We continue to reflect on the 4 verbs presented by Pope Francis in his message for the 104th World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

Giving money to someone to help them through their difficulties is simple and is quick. But how many have gone ahead encourage another person to grow in their gifts and talents? Or even to face up to their fears and try something new?

Join us in the reflection below:

Thidar, from Myanmar shares about her experience of growth working in Singapore. She strives to help her fellow foreign workers, foster communication and understanding with their employers and family.

“Our response to the challenges posed by contemporary migration can be summed up in four verbs: welcome, protect, promote and integrate…  If we put those four verbs into practice, we will help build the city of God and man.  We will promote the integral human development of all people.”

– Pope Francis

Stay tuned for our next reflection on INTEGRATE!

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