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Skills Development Trainers from the Guitar and English Language courses started home based learning for students.

Care For Our Migrant Brothers And Sisters

With pastoral care at the forefront of our outreach, we spoke to migrant workers, foreign domestic workers, transnational families and foreign spouses to understand the needs of our beneficiaries.

Based on our findings, this was our response for the Circuit Breaker Month:

Meeting Physical and Social Needs

Rallying the help of the Catholic Community, like minded organisations like SocialGifting and the public:

“We are grateful that even during the Circuit Breaker period, there are people out there who still reach out to us. God Bless You!” – ACMI Beneficiary

Meeting Mental and Emotional Needs

We continued to provide case management to our beneficiaries. The circuit breaker period also saw more migrant workers calling our helpline. Most of whom were living outside of the dormitories. Help that was sought after was mainly advice on employment matters and counselling.

Staff and befrienders of the Skills Development ministry also reached out to employers and foreign domestic workers encouraging open communication and strengthening employer-employee relationships.

Some of the FDW students have also come forward to share some of their baking and cooking recipes via video with other students as well as the public during the circuit breaker.

Psycho-Spiritual Needs

“I’m grateful to God that though I’m far away from my home country, my family and I are safe in this pandemic. I know that God is always here and He is guiding us. Everything is possible with God! Hope in Him! I’m grateful that we all got to meet up and catch up on Zoom with the other AbBA and CLP participants” – Joevy Catchero, Foreign Domestic Worker

By the grace of God, we managed to reach out to more than 15,000 migrants during this circuit breaker period. We pray for the graces to reach out to many more, even beyond this crisis. This is to create a society that is truly #familytomigrants.

Let us continue to pray and support our brothers and sisters during this pandemic!

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