ACMI Migrant Art Competition 2021

ACMI is pleased to present our inaugural Migrant Art Competition, themed - “Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.” This initiative aims to allow migrants in Singapore to creatively express their life journeys, while inspiring other migrants and the larger community to see hope, peace, joy and love in their own lives. All migrants (migrant workers, migrant domestic workers, transnational spouses and children) are all invited to create their own artwork that highlights any of the four themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. The art competition will award the top three winners with gift vouchers of S$500, S$300 and S$200 respectively…

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ACMI is Hiring!

ACMI is looking for a new:

In our increasing efforts to serve our migrant community across Singapore, ACMI is looking for the following:

  • Skills Development, Senior Executive Officer
  • General Admin Executive
  • PR Creative Producer
  • Pastoral & Formation Executive

The position grade and salary will meet the experience and skills of the selected applicants.

Interested individuals who meet the requirements and wish to be part of the ACMI family, can write to Esther Chia at

Deadline for applications: 16 August 2021


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In Harmony With All

As our Skills Development classes come to an end for the first semester of 2021, we posed a few questions to Ivan Wong, who has been our resident guitar teacher for 4 semesters! Our two guitar instructors, Ivan Wong and Anthony Fabian, giving a final refresher on the students' final performance piece Q: Hello Ivan, nice to meet you! Tell us a bit about yourself? A: Hello! I'm just an average guy, working 9 to 5 at a chemical company. Q: Well, how did you get to know about ACMI? What made you pick up teaching guitar? A: In a…

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Amongst All Of Us

With our Abundant and Better Life Abroad (AbBA) values formation programme for migrants currently open for registration, we speak to Sr Mel Benedictos, who handles formation for migrants for ACMI. AbBA's Reunion Party in 2019. Sr Mel Benedictos is in charge of Formation for migrants at ACMI (pictured here in 2nd row, 2nd from left) What does it really mean to find meaning in my life? How can I find value in the work I do? How can I find a community, in a place that is so foreign to me? Sr Mel Benedictos is supporting many foreign domestic workers…

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The Sun Will Shine Again

After our Spiritual Living Through Art (SLTA) programme, we spoke to Maria, an Indonesian domestic worker who has been in Singapore for 13 years, as she shared about the difficulties of the present, and the hope she sees for the future. Maria showing her artwork to the class One of ACMI's Formation programmes, the SLTA workshop provides an afternoon of creative relaxation and reflection, which is geared towards mental and emotional wellness to migrants who might be stressed and tired in their work.The theme for this SLTA Workshop was: "Grateful for the Present, Hopeful for the Future", and was specially…

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A Beautiful Response of Love

A community of different faiths come together to do small things out of love   Ms. Jennifer Yeo was having a conversation with a senior doctor of NUS when this opportunity came to her. Hearing that the senior doctor, representing NUHS for the Multiministeral Taskforce, was in charge of 90,000 migrant workers from various dorms. Ms. Yeo’s heart of compassion wanted to do something for the workers.   items in the care packs Migrant workers who were in quarantine, out of quarantine or battling COVID-19 needed items that could keep themselves and their dormitory clean like hand sanitizers, wet wipes…

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Integration – Going Beyond Understanding Differences

We continue to reflect on the 4 verbs presented by Pope Francis in his message for the 104th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Calls for integration, goes beyond understanding the differences of another culture and practice. It takes effort and time to walk and journey with others. Integration requires sharing, giving and receiving what we have with another. Join us in the reflection below: Mike Arents from The Netherlands shares his experiences going beyond recoginising differences to becoming vulnerable and sharing his life with Singaporeans in the community: "Our response to the challenges posed by contemporary migration can be…

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Is Money The Only Way To Help A Person?

We continue to reflect on the 4 verbs presented by Pope Francis in his message for the 104th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Giving money to someone to help them through their difficulties is simple and is quick. But how many have gone ahead encourage another person to grow in their gifts and talents? Or even to face up to their fears and try something new? Join us in the reflection below: Thidar, from Myanmar shares about her experience of growth working in Singapore. She strives to help her fellow foreign workers, foster communication and understanding with their employers…

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What Does It Mean To Protect A Person?

We continue to reflect on the 4 verbs presented by Pope Francis in his message for the 104th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. When you think of the word protect, what often comes to mind? Is it someone of strength protecting the weak? It is often intimidating to put to practice when we think of it in such terms. But often, we practice the virtue of protect in our daily living - Be it looking out for our loved ones or doing our best at a task at hand. Join us in the reflection below: Hear a sharing of…

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The Challenges Of Transnational Families and Foreign Spouses
Photo by Nate Neelson on Unsplash

The Challenges Of Transnational Families and Foreign Spouses

Increased physical isolation, to control the spread of COVID-19 have left Foreign Spouses and Transnational Families in very challenging situations. These groups whom we have been tirelessly ministering to, have seen existing challenges amplified during the Circuit Breaker period. Challenges Faced By The Families These existing challenges faced are wide ranging and multi-faceted, mainly, conflicts and breakdowns in relationships, differing child care methods and extended family conflicts. Many of these issues were exacerbated when the circuit breaker occurred. With COVID-19, some clients were unable to go to work or were laid off from their jobs. Some faced financial difficulties and…

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