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Youth, parents get to better appreciate the migrant workers

From September to October 2019, more than 60 Catechism youth and their parents from the Church of the Risen Christ came together for the ACMI Bread Basket Programme


Who Is My Neighbour?

The youths, have adopted the bread basket programme as part of their confirmation community outreach.

The ACMI Bread Basket programme started in 2010. It was a one day event to distribute grocery packs to migrant workers living in dormitories to thank them for building our nation.

It has since evolved following the Archbishop’s vision of building a vibrant, evangelistic and missionary church in Singapore to be more than just a day of distribution.

In The Shoes Of Migrant Workers.

The “Open Our Minds” session aims to help the youths and parents see migrants as human persons created in His image and loved by Him. They participated in activities to help them appreciate their freedom and abundance of choices in Singapore. This is unlike the low-income migrants who come to Singapore who often face little to no choice.

The youth making their commitment to appreciate migrant workers after the session.


“The activity made me feel uncomfortable but helped me step out of my comfort zone. Through this it allowed me to appreciate migrants better and the opportunities that I have in Singapore. I hope to greet the cleaners in my school more when school begins.”

– Anika, 15, Catechism Student

Remembering Sacrifices Made.

The youths with their parents embarked on the next session “Nourish Our Hearts” for three weekends, raising funds at their parish. They cooked food, sold snacks and played music to parishioners. They then used the funds raised to purchase Nasi Briyani to share a meal with the migrant workers.

The youth raising funds at Church of the Risen Christ.


The Cathechism youths and parents then traveled to Westlite Mandai; a purpose built dormitory to spend a day with the migrant workers.

There they shared a meal with the workers and learnt more about their lives.


The youth of Risen Christ Church sharing a meal with the migrant workers.

“It was nice to finally meet the people who built our houses. I’m certainly grateful to them for the many sacrifices that they have made; leaving their homes and children, to build our country and home.”

– Alexei, 15, Cathechism Student

Giving Thanks To God!

Finally, at “Feed Our Souls”, the youths reflected on their experience. The youths ended off their experience by giving thanks to God for the blessings they have received. They also gave thanks for the migrant workers whom they have met.


ACMI has been collaborating with Church of St Ignatius Catechetical Ministry, different conferences in Society of St Vincent De Paul (SSVP) and Catholic Junior College for many years for the Bread Basket Programme.

ACMI also partnered with the Church of St Mary of the Angels and Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This year, through the Office for Catechesis, ACMI partnered with Church of the Risen Christ.

“We are open and hope to collaborate with existing or more parishes, corporates, foreign communities and Catholics organizations interested in our bread basket programme. So that more may understand and appreciate migrants in our midst.”

– Esther Chia, Executive Director of ACMI


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