Our Stories

Open My Heart

ESTHER CHIA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF ACMI SHARES HER JOURNEY IN ACMI I was the ideal Catholic who ticked all the boxes. I attended mass every Sunday, served in a ministry…

“I’m on a learning journey too”

Kwek, 68 began his journey at ACMI in 2017. He volunteered as a befriender trainer, assisted the English classes and soon took on a English trainer role for Comprehension English.…

More than a domestic worker

In 2006, Emelia, 47 had to undergo a cornea transplant after scarring her cornea while cooking. The scarring caused her to lose her sight in one eye temporarily. Supported by…

Be a Befriender today!

Have we stopped for a moment to remember the people and events in our lives that we are thankful for? Have we counted the blessings that we have received from…

Savings and Dreams

One of the universal aims among support groups for foreign domestic workers is for them to be empowered through learning financial and entrepreneurial skills to improve their socio-economic situation by…
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