It’s Not Just About Migrants: It is About Our Humanity

It’s Not Just About Migrants: It is About Our Humanity

Day 3/10 – Hello. Will you help me?

“But a Samaritan traveler who came upon him was moved with compassion at the sight” – Luke 10:33


Compassion motivated the Samaritan traveler not to pass by. It motivated him to stop, to open his ears to listen to the injured man and to give him what he wanted.

Compassion urges us to “be a neighbour” to all those whom we see in difficulty.

Being compassionate means recognising and understanding the suffering of the other and taking immediate action to help. 

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

When we open our hearts to the other, it enables us to be more human.

We begin to see ourselves as part of the greater human family.

That our life is a gift to others and that our goal at the end of the day is for the good of the other person and not just ourselves.

Read Pope Francis’s Migrant Sunday Message here


  1. When did I last experience the suffering of another person?
  2. Was I moved with compassion? Why?
  3. How do I respond to suffering?


Living Love of God, you are in the world, healing the wounds that inflict humanity.

Warm the hearts of those embittered by sorrow and pain, encourage those crushed by failure, enlighten the minds of those dulled by pleasure or fatigue. Awaken our compassion so as to serve our brothers and sisters more generously and zealously.

This we ask through Jesus who shows us the way. Amen.



Your reflection and sharing can be a source of healing and inspiration to others.

We will be compiling your responses and sharing it on our website and social media from 29 September 2019. Thank you for your sharing!


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