It’s Not Just About Migrants: It is About Charity

It’s Not Just About Migrants: It is About Charity

Day 2/10 of the Migrant Sunday reflection, we ask: “What is Charity?”

“For if you love those who love you, what recompense will you have? Do not the tax collectors do the same?” (Matthew 5: 43 – 48)

Through works of charity, we demonstrate our faith.

The highest form of charity is that shown to those unable to reciprocate and thank us in return.

At work we help someone but when we ask the person for help, they turn us down or worst still they make things difficult for us.

We are disappointed and hurt.

The truth is that it is so much easier for us to give up and choose to be cold to that colleague or not even help them the next time they ask.

But is that what we are called to do?

Of course not! We are called instead to love and be charitable even though it brings inconvenience to us and even if it does not benefit us at all.

Let us pray for the courage to do so!

Read Pope Francis’s Migrant Sunday Message here


  1. Do I allow myself to be touched and moved by those who are unable to return my kindness?
  2. What stops me from opening to them?
  3. What would help me open myself to those who are in need?



All loving God, let us know more deeply your loving presence as we begin/end this day. Guide us as we strive to choose what is good and more loving thing to do. Lift up our hearts to you when the demands of the day threaten to lead us astray.

This we ask through Jesus, Love made flesh. Amen.



Your reflection and sharing can be a source of healing and inspiration to others.

We will be compiling your responses and sharing it on our website and social media from 29 September 2019. Thank you for your sharing!


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