The Long Journey of Foreign Spouses

The dream of every bride is to have the perfect groom, and the happy-ever-after ending to her search for a family of her own, and maybe, a fairy-tale wedding. Too many couples will be quick to correct that hopeful vision, and fortifying their relationship as soon as the new home, the little ones, and changing jobs happen all at once. For the young women who marry Singapore men and come from South-east Asian countries like Vietnam and the Philippines, many of them are prepared to leave their home countries also in search of better prospects for their future. Their story…

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Savings and Dreams

One of the universal aims among support groups for foreign domestic workers is for them to be empowered through learning financial and entrepreneurial skills to improve their socio-economic situation by the time they complete their contracts and return to their home country. “Our income is not enough,” Joyce said, “We just have money to send home to our children and families, and month by month, there is not enough to save.” Mrs Laura Teo, an employer with two domestic helpers, noted similarly, “My helper sometimes has requests from the family from time to time which wipes out her own savings…

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Skills Development – Join Our Sunday Courses!

✨🙋‍♀️Sunday Courses for Foreign Domestic Workers NOTICE: In light of COVID-19, our Sunday Courses for Semester 1 have been suspended till further notice. We will not have enrollment (sign up) for Semester 2 courses for the year 2020.  Join in our Sunday Courses at the ACMI Skills Development Center for Foreign Domestic Workers/Helpers (FDWs) in Singapore. Improve your skills and learn a new language! Here are some of the courses that we offer: Caregiving* English Language* Computer* Baking Cooking Hairdressing Dressmaking Basic Guitar *English Assessment is required. Assessment will be conducted on day of enrollment. Sunday Course Semester and Dates: 2020…

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